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Microchip PIC Controllers
Dot Matrix LCD Displays
Graphic LCD Displays
RS232 Drivers

Microchip PIC Controllers   [Toc] [Top]

MPLAB IDE Quick Reference (DS51410B) Quick reference for application development with MPLAB IDE. Summary of tools, wizards, messages/warnings, conditional assembly, macros, samples of absolute and relative assembler code, tips & tricks, keyboard shortcuts.
(PDF, 188 kB)
MPASM/MPLINK Quick Reference (DS30400G) Quick reference for Microchip PIC assembler. Summary of MPASM control directives, MPLINK linker usage and command line options, and the individual instruction sets of PIC10/12/16/18 devices.
(PDF, 81 kB)
PIC Instruction Set Quick Reference Quick reference of all PIC instructions, including special instruction mnemonics. This data sheet was extracted from document DS33014G, MPASM User's Guide, pp. 196-209.
(PDF, 116 kB)

Dot Matrix LCD Displays   [Toc] [Top]

Dot Matrix LCD Display
2 lines x 40 characters
Dot Matrix LCD Display
2 lines x 16 characters

This is the standard connection for dot matrix LCD displays. It fits perfectly and easiest with a 2 x 7  press connector for 14 rods flat band wire.
Hitachi HD44780 Data Sheet Everything about the dot matrix LCD controller IC Hitachi HD44780.
(PDF, 389 kB)
Samsung KS0073 Data Sheet Everything about the dot matrix LCD controller IC Samsung KS0073.
(PDF, 673 kB)
HD44780 Controller: Brief overview HTML Webpage (local)
Describes all important commands not explained in "The Extended Concise LCD Data Sheet":
The standard character set, the programming of the self-defined characters and the software reset.
The Extended Concise LCD Data Sheet

Describes all commands for the Dot Matrix LCD Display.
This document is based on the earlier version "The Concise LCD Data Sheet" written by Craig Peacock, Australia. Thanks also to Craig Peacock, who made a smaller PDF 1.2 file with an original Acrobat PDF Writer.
(PDF, 44 kB)

As Word-Doc 7.0 file, 66 kB
The file has been written by myself and contains NO macro virus.

As PostScript file, 274 kB

EA-DIP204-4 with KS0073 (PDF, 248 kB, english)
EA-DIP204-6 with KS0073 (PDF, 182 kB, german only)
or go directly to the german site Electronic Assembly
Product specification of 4x20 LCD. Lists the Extended Function Set of the Samsung KS0073 LCD controller.
Link:  How to control HD44780 based LCDs Describes the basics of the Hitachi HD44780 based character LCDs.
(Peer Ouwehand's LCD pages)

Graphic LCD Displays   [Toc] [Top]

Principles of Operation Explains the principles of graphic LCD modules, graphic controllers and shows timing diagrams.
(PDF, 87.5 kB)
Application Notes Application notes concerning contrast regulation, temperature dependency and compensation.
(PDF, 47 kB)

RS232 Drivers   [Toc] [Top]

Max232 Data Sheet RS232 line driver (serial communication)
(PDF, 320 kB)
RS232 DTE/DCE FAQ RS232 terminology of DTE and DCE
(PDF, 144 kB)

Connectors   [Toc] [Top]

Pinout of various Connectors HTML Webpage (local)
Link:  The RS232 Standard HTML Webpage (link)
Excellent RS232 Tutorial and Data Sheet !

Miscellaneous   [Toc] [Top]

ASCII Character Map ASCII map containing representations in range 33 - 255 of decimal, binary, hexadecimal, and characters
(PDF, 18.9 kB)
AT Keyboard Specification (PDF, 189 kB)
DCF77 Time and Standard Frequency Station HTML Webpage (local)
MPX4100A Motorola Absolute Pressure Sensor Series MPX4100A
(PDF, 117 kB)
Motorola SensorSelectorGuide Motorola Sensor Selector Guide
(PDF, 166 kB)
AN1646 Noise considerations for integrated pressure sensors
(PDF, 153 kB)


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